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Lucha Libre Elite Returns to Television with CMLL

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Lucha Libre Elite Returns to Television with CMLL

Lucha Libre Elite Returns to television with CMLL

Image courtesy: @CMLL_official

After staying under the radar for a long time, the company Lucha Libre Elite (LLE) reappeared with the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) to announce the return of its alliance and its return to television screens. Both companies gave the announcement at a press conference at the Mexico Arena, where they presented the restart of the CMLL functions presented by Domingos ELITES.

As confirmed by Julio César Rivera, spokesman and commentator of CMLL, LLE has reestablished its alliance with CMLL to carry out functions in the cathedral Mexico, presenting billboards with fighters signed by LLE and members of the CMLL roster. These functions will also be recorded for television, being broadcast on the channel A +, sub-channel of TV Azteca, thus abandoning the main channel where the program Lucha Azteca was broadcast.

The wrestlers Golden Magic by ELITE and Ultimo Guerrero by CMLL were present for the announcement. Ernesto Santillán, general manager of LLE, and commentators Gerardo Melín and Rafaél Ayala were also introduced, the latter being in charge of lending their voices for the new program in A +.

LLE had kept having few functions since November 2016, after its last recorded function for television. Since then the company remained in efforts to make his return to the screens, getting to negotiate with the fighter Alberto El Patrón and recording commercials that announced the transmission of his second season on TV Azteca. In December 2017 the company performed some recorded functions as a pilot for the channel, which have not seen the light. Finally, LLE resumed its relationship with CMLL, with which they had ended in bad terms after the latter did not allow it to continue using the facilities of the Arena Mexico.

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