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Big Show Confessed to Return Even Stronger After His Hip Recovery

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Big Show Confessed to Return Even Stronger After His Hip Recovery

Big Show Confessed to Return Even Stronger After His Hip RecoveryWWE Superstar and former six-time world champion Big Show recently interviewed by Brian Fritz of the digital media WrestleZone as part of the promotion of the Destiny 2 video game. In the interview, Show talked about the recovery of his injury, as well as if he thinks he should leave the ring, among other aspects. Below is the most outstanding statement:

About the recovery of his injury:

“It’s doing great. Everything is moving forward. For the past four years, I’ve been dealing with a pretty aggravating hip injury. We had the hip resurfacing done and it’s been fantastic. Dr. Su in New York did the surgery. Dr. Alvarado here in Miami is doing all the follow-up stuff with it and my rehab is going fantastic. Right now, I’m just following protocol so I can get stronger and return to competition ASAP.”


Do you think you’ve had your last match?

“I wouldn’t say I’ve had my last match. I get asked all the time is there another title run, another tag team title run or championship title run. You never say never in this business because anything is possible and anything can happen on Monday Night Raw” or “SmackDown Live”. I personally don’t see any of that in the future but I’ve been around long enough to never say never. Anything can and will happen so we’ll see.”


About if you are interested in fighting outside of WWE:

“I think it would have to be a very special thing with a significant number of zeros at the end of the check for me to do something like that. It would probably cost a lot more than anybody would be willing to pay to get me to wrestle anywhere else other than WWE. Again, you never say never. If the right opportunity comes along but I’m definitely a WWE guy, always will be a WWE guy. I’m a Vince guy. I’ve been through too much with him over the years to ever really think about going anywhere else. Don’t get me wrong. If something comes along with enough money, I’ll be out there in a pink tutu-waving hello. I don’t care. Whatever it takes but I’m really happy with everything I’ve done in my career. I don’t feel the need that I have to prove anything. I’m very happy and very thankful and very blessed from all the guys I’ve worked with from Hulk Hogan to Randy Savage to Ric Flair to Arn Anderson, all the way up through Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena, ‘Taker,. Everybody that’s ever been anybody in the past 30, 40 years, I’ve had a chance to work with them all. I’m very blessed and thankful. Sometimes you have to know when you’ve done a good thing and be appreciative.”



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